Crytocurrency domains are HOT topic!

22nd December 2017 0 Comment

2017 has seen the blockchain indusrty accelerate rapidly. It has gained conventional recognition worldwide and it seems to me that almost everyone wants to get in on the act!

With this soaring trend  happening before our very eyes, one of the benefitting divisions is the domain name industry. With investors realising the strength of the trend, domain names in the cryto category are becoming increasingly desirable. Whilst the peak in interest is apparent, domain names with blockchain related terminology  are being snapped up for marketing, advertising  and even brand recognition within the sector. Domain name auction sites such as Sedo and godaddy  have seen a surge in interest of blockchain related domains,  even retail giant Amazon are jumping on the band wagon, having secured three cryptocurrency related domain names.



If you happen to have a few spare million dollars lying around , then perhaps purchasing a group of these valuable commodities in one fell swoop is the smart route to securing crypto domain domination. Jason Cassidy, president of blockchain TV has put his collection of domains related to blockchain technology up for sale. You may however, have to dig deep as the group holds a hefty  price tag of $6 million. Anyone wishing to host their wordpress blog on the domain can do so if they can come up with $10 million!


As the blockchain buzz continues, I shall sit back and watch it grow, as the phrase should’ve would’ve could’ve continually haunts me!

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