Give Your Brand a Helping Hand

9th February 2018 0 Comment

You may be just getting starting with your online business venture, an aspiring website creator or already have your brand established. Considering a Premium Keyword Domain may also be a welcome addition to your branding.

Nowadays, there are many factors to consider when it comes to your ranking position on search engines. The content of your site and delivering what your visitors want is of utmost importance and will of course play a major part in how google will rank you. However, having a keyword strategy can be highly beneficial too!
Backlinks, often provided by keyword rich domain names are great for your SEO, and to have domain authority will automatically give you an element of power when it comes to search engine ranking.

Looking at just the domain name itself, according to, a domain name containing keywords will generally rank 11% higher than those simply brandable names, and will require less content than on your site to reach higher ranking positioning. This being said, content is key, and your branding and marketing strategy alongside a great domain name is the perfect marriage!

Many companies will acquire the relevant high quality keyword domain name to match their product or service to forward to their existing site or even use as additional promotional space. They are also acquired simply to prevent the competition from getting hold of them….protecting their territory….smart move!

Here are just a few examples of established brands that have successfully used this strategy.


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