Domain name leasing provides an alternative method for you or your organisation to secure the use of a premium domain name for a specified time at a fraction of the outright purchase cost. Your domain name lease will usually include the option to purchase within or at the end of your lease period. We’re so confident that you’ll love your new Domain, that if for any reason you choose to cancel the lease, this can be done with only one month’s notice!

What is domain name leasing?

It is just like leasing a commercial premises in the real-world, except easier. You get the exclusive right to use and develop a best in class Domain for as long as you wish to remain in contact. Domain leasing allows you to use the premium Domain name at a competitive monthly cost, rather than paying the purchase price upfront. This can massively help cash flow for any new start-up business.

What are the key benefits of leasing a domain name?

A recognisable domain name immediately generates a heightened marker presence. This naturally improves search engine rankings, increasing website traffic and thus potential business. Leasing a premium domain name is a form of instant branding and can drive traffic to your site. A premium domain name quickly and effectively creates impact through all your existing marketing channels, saving money by reducing online marketing costs. Domain leasing is also cost-effective. When cash flow is a concern, a long-term lease is infinitely preferable to a large, up-front investment. This is particularly useful for new start-ups, or for short-term advertising campaigns. Additionally, as with leasing houses or cars, domain name leasing is 100% tax-deductible.

Why lease with

Our portfolio of domain names represents a unique business opportunity and a form of instant marketing and branding. Through leasing with you benefit from unprecedentedly secure and flexible terms. Our contracts allow you to immediately experience the benefits of owning a premium domain whilst offering you considerable legal protection. We offer rolling contracts which give you indefinite first refusal on a domain name. You will also have ability to cancel your contract at any time and without penalty with just 30 days’ notice. Our robust and legally binding contracts give you control over your lease with the security of fixed monthly payments. Your payments will be clearly explained and fixed according to your lease agreement, helping you to ease the pressure on your cash flow and free up valuable funds for investment in other areas. Upon signing the lease, you will have full control over the domain name for the duration of the lease.

Further Questions

Q. What are the benefits of leasing a domain name?

The primary benefit of domain name leasing is it allows for the usage of a premium name with minimal upfront payment. Premium domains are the internet’s real estate and have shown exponential growth in value making outright purchasing expensive for some. Through leasing, you or your business can acquire the usage of a name for a set monthly fee. Under such an arrangement, your business may be in a better position to spend this money elsewhere to help the business grow & succeed.

Q. How long can you lease a domain name for?

Individual agreements may be tailored to your requirements and discussed between the parties. Past clients have taken out leases for just a few months as part of a short-term marketing and advertising campaign, whereas others lease for the long term. It all depends on your circumstances and your requirements. Whatever you choose, our contracts are secure, robust and, most importantly, can be cancelled whenever you choose.

Q. Can I have full control over the domain?

Yes. We simply change the domain DNS settings to point to your requested name server. This will allow you to set up related email addresses and any sub-domains you need. staff are also on hand to ensure a smooth transition and give assistance where we can

Q. Can cancel my domain at any point?

No. An agreement will only be terminated if the lessee is in breach of contract. Otherwise, the domain is yours until you decide to cancel.

Q. What happens if I want to cancel the contract?

All you need to do is give us 30 days notice, and you can cancel whenever you like, and without penalty. That means no charges and no questions asked when you hand the domain name back.

Q. How much does it cost to lease a domain name?

Less than you may think! Prices vary according to each individual domain name. Please use the enquiry form on the domain that you are interested in and one of our staff will be in touch with you.

Q. Who exactly am I making a contract with? or the domain name owner?

The contract is made directly between you and the domain name owner (licensor). This offers you ultimate security and complete control over the domain name without the involvement of third parties.

Any further questions? Contact us!