LOVE… Not Just For V Day!

6th February 2018 0 Comment

It’s what makes the world go round, the strongest emotion in the world, and it seems this month you MUST put emphasis on it. With Valentines Day approaching fast, shops, supermarkets and online stores are in full force with their offers and displays trying to entice us to go that extra mile for the one we love.

So, for some us, Valentines day is just another day we don’t care to acknowledge. A day we believe to be one of unmet expectations that we simply don’t care to be part of, but for many of us, consumerism seems to have prevailed yet again and we cannot help but get wrapped up in the whole spectacle for this one day….and so soon after Christmas!

Whether you have a significant other this month or you’re still looking for love, Valentines day can be as fun, or as irrelevant as you wish. Singletons may decide to have “Mate dates” to celebrate the day and I’m certain online dating sites will a popular choice of entertainment for many!

The internet is now a great tool to help us meet that special someone and removes the historic obstacles. Even for those of us who lack time or even confidence, dating sites make finding love a more tangible possibility… whilst having fun along the way. And of course having the power to filter out unsuitable candidates with the click of a button means less uncomfortable dates!

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